Teach English

Volunteer teaches English in a school in Ghana Africa

Volunteer teaches English in a school in Ghana Africa

The Program

Volunteers needed to teach English as a second language to Ghanaian school children in Primary (Elementary) as well as Junior High schools.

You can choose to teach the language to any one (or more) of eight different classes (or ages). The broad aim of the syllabus is to help the pupil develop the basic language skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing.

Accommodation and Food

Volunteers are housed in a Volunteer house or with host families, according to preference. Three meals (Breakfast, lunch and dinner) are served. The meals consist mainly of local fare.

The Program cost

Duration Fee (USD)
2 weeks 645
3 weeks 770
4 weeks 895
6 weeks 1145
8 weeks 1395
10 weeks 1645
12 weeks 1895
16 weeks 2395
20 weeks 2895
24 weeks 3395

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The program cost includes

  • Airport pickup
  • Accommodations
  • Daily meals (3 times)
  • Admin charge
  • Donation to the school
  • 24/7 local staff support
  • Airport drop-off

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